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Will someone please


My friendship with N. is an example of one of those where I should give her a ton of space (even if she isn’t requesting it- a “ton” anyway :P) that is the only way it will work, having patience.

With someone with such a generous spirit, with someone who gets me, it is so hard though. :(


I have so much anxiety I’m go no essplode

feel ya girl

women shouldn’t be valued because we are strong, or kick-ass, but because we are people (x)

Found out we might be getting a 4th roommate after my roomie and I just moved into wtf.  I am so overwhelmed (and abt other things too.)

It’s the people who believe in me, like you guys, that are getting me through. <3


i’ve never been my age

Being an old soul isn’t all that f*cking fun.

It’s not like, oh I love not having that much in common w/most people my age…

"Like" if you agree.

Working on acceptance & appreciating this part of myself…